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WESTMORELAND, TN (WSMV) - The former Westmoreland police officer who pleaded guilty to assault and is accused by the district attorney of trying to cover up the crime, remains employed with the city at her same salary.

MUG - Amanda Wolfe - 8/27/19

Amanda Lynn Wolfe has been charged with assault by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation. (Photo: TBI/Sumner County Sheriff's Office)

News4 Investigates first reported how Amanda Wolfe pleaded guilty to assaulting a suspect she had just arrested, and a TBI investigation found she ordered a fellow officer to turn off her body camera in order to stop the assault from being recorded.

After she pleaded guilty in late November, Westmoreland Mayor Jerry Kirkman confirmed that he and Police Chief Al Ray Amalfitano allowed her to work for Animal Control until the City Council met to determine her future.

In Westmoreland, the City Council has the final say on all firings and hirings.

The council was to make that determination on Jan. 16, but Alderman Tony Bentle confirmed to News4 Investigates that once he saw our story, he voted that the council needed further investigate her future employment and take up the issues at the next workforce study meeting on Feb. 6.

That delay means that Wolfe remains working for the city despite her criminal charge.

News4 Investigates also confirmed that Wolfe continues to be paid as a police officer despite working in her new position in animal control, and that Amalfitano has not contacted the state to begin her decertification process.

Since Animal Control in the city falls under the direction of police, it means Wolfe continues to work for the department.

Neither Amalfitano nor Wolfe returned News4 Investigates’ calls for comment.

Because he has no vote on the council, Kirkman said he would not comment publicly on his opinion on whether Wolfe to remain employed. He did, however, talk about his feelings upon watching what News4 Investigates exposed about Wolfe.

“It is shocking at first, to be honest,” Kirkman said. “As a mayor it's very concerning to me.”

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