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NASHVILLE, TN (WSMV) - The latest case of a man claiming he was drugged after being in downtown Nashville is revealed in a disturbing 911 call, where he said he awoke in an abandoned office building downtown after being on Lower Broadway.

“I kind of just woke up a little bit ago in the middle of like an abandoned building,” the caller said in the 911 call. “I don't know - have any recollection of what happened. I'm pretty sure I was actually drugged.”

The caller asked News4 Investigates not to reveal his name, but not only confirmed the details but also shared a string of emails he wrote with a detective with Metro Police.

The caller was a tourist from out-of-state and wrote to police that he remembered being with friends on Lower Broadway and stopping to give food to a homeless man.

At some point, he told News4 Investigates he got separated from his friends, and then remembers nothing.

In the email to police, he wrote that his friends received a call from an unknown woman who said, “Hey I'm with your friend. He's acting very strange and I think you should come get him.”

When his friends couldn’t find him, he said he woke up in the abandoned office building and had no idea where he was.

In the email to police, he wrote, “I know it wasn't a "drunk" blackout, I didn't feel drunk or hungover. I felt fogged."

In the 911 call, he recounts that his money was gone.

His story has striking similarities to what other men have told News4 investigates since the NFL Draft.

All the men said they went to Lower Broadway and then woke up with no memory at another location in the city with their money gone.

While the bars on nearby Church Street have undergone training to be a “safe bar” by the Sexual Assault Center, none of the bars on Lower Broadway have undergone that training.

Sharon Travis, who handles community outreach and education for the center, said she hopes the downtown bars will take place in their safe bar training coming up on Jan. 13.

She said the training will teach employees how to spot customers who may be in trouble.

The Sexual Assault Center will give the bars stickers to place in their windows, indicating their establishment is a “safe bar.”

“If we don't know how to intervene safely, then we're really not creating safe environments for them. If I was a tourist, I'd take my money and go somewhere else,” said Travis.

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