The hashtag #BalanceforBetter has been trending on social media on Friday.

That’s the theme of this year’s International Women’s Day, a time to showcase women’s achievements and launch new initiatives to help women achieve equal pay and opportunities in the world.

A group of Nashville businesswomen took a major step in doing that on Friday.

The group Advancing Women in Nashville launched this morning, some of the heavy-hitting business leaders on the Tractor Supply Company campus in Brentwood.

News4’s Tracy Kornet was the moderator of the event.

The group talked about how to attract more female leaders, the challenges of women in corporate boardrooms and the importance of men in that process.

More than 200 attendees then broke into small groups for round-table talks.

The inaugural meeting was just a glimpse of what the founders of Advancing Women in Nashville envision for Music City’s future.

“We thought what a thing for us to not only be the it city in general but be the it city for women in business and so our goal and desire was to make sure that we gave a platform to women to be the best that we could possibly be in business in the entire country,” said Makesha Montgomery, co-founder of Advancing Women in Nashville.

There is a great need for inclusion, diversity and more women in the corporate ranks.

“I think everybody recognizes that, everybody wants that. I think all the companies out there want to have it. We’ve struggled a little on how to implement it and to really make it a reality, but you can see that if we just have the right platform, we can make it happen. Nashville is going to be so behind it.”

Participants left with specific ways to help elevate women in their workplaces.

Organizers said you can help create a more gender-balanced world by celebrating women’s achievement, raising awareness against bias and taking action for equality.

Click to learn more about Advancing Women in Nashville.

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