Concussions are a big problem in the NFL, as more players are injured, fewer insurance companies are willing to take the risk. It's becoming a problem. Without insurance, the game can't be played.

We are beginning to see a trickle down affect, on middle and high School sports as well in Tennessee, insurance is getting more expensive. The people who run sports programs for secondary schools, are beginning to show more concern about the problem. While insurance is available to cover young athletes in middle school and high schools, it's getting more expensive.

The Executive Director of the Tennessee Secondary Schools Athletic Association, Bernard Childress, says insurance coverage is a big worry for him, for now, he's kicked the insurance can down the road.

"They assured us, we will have insurance, and agreed upon a two year contract," said Childress.

But, it came with a steep price.

"They have raised our premium, and also our deductible," said Childress.

The insurance broker is piling on more bad news, the pool of insurance carriers available to cover young athletes is shrinking every year.

"He's down to two or three companies now, most insurance companies won't even touch it," said Childress.

TSSAA, presents 130,000 middle and high school athletes in Tennessee, yearly premiums have skyrocketed, to $530,000; a massive $60,000 increase, and deductibles have gone up from $10,000, to $25,000 for each injury.

"We did not want to raise the deductible, but we gotta have something we and our schools can afford," said Childress.

If an athlete is seriously injured on the field, that twenty-five thousand dollar deductible rests on the parents shoulders.

"It does fall on the parents, we always tell our schools, make sure that student athletes have primary coverage, because this is secondary coverage, someone is gonna have to pay that deductible," said Childress.

TSSAA is spending one-third of its operating budget on insurance.

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