We now know who was NOT driving the car that ended up impaled on a guardrail early Wednesday morning on Interstate 40 near Stewart’s Ferry Pike.

The 2012 Toyota Camry was found wrecked on the shoulder of the road with a guardrail piercing the driver’s side door. The metal was sticking into the driver’s compartment at least a foot.

 According to a report taken by a Sumner County Sheriff’s Deputy, the car’s owner was at work on the overnight shift at the time.

The Camry is owned by Casandra Corbett of Bethpage, Tn.

Sumner County Deputy Kyle Pierce went to Corbett’s home at 7:30 am Wednesday,  some two hours after the crash.

Corbett told the deputy that she was leaving for work Tuesday, but that her car was "acting funny"  so she called her nephew to pick her up and take her to work.

She works at the WalMart in Gallatin.

Corbett told the deputy the last time she saw her car was when she left her house in Bethpage about 9:30 pm, although the deputy wrote that she clocked into work at 9:09 pm in  Gallatin.

Corbett clocked out briefly for lunch, then clocked out at the end of her shift around 7:00 am Wednesday morning.  She said she called her son to pick her up from the WalMart.

The first 911 calls about the impaled car came in at 5:19 am.

Corbett told detectives she had left her purse in the car with a spare key inside. She could not name any possible suspects.

At the scene of the wreck, Metro Police searched the woods but could not find the driver. There was no blood in the car, though the airbag had gone off.

The metro police officer who worked the crash  said it appeared the driver crawled out the passenger's side window.

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