Lindsay Bramson joined News4 in June 2016 as an investigative reporter. She currently specializes in consumer issues.

Many homeowners are still cleaning up after all that rain last week flooded several homes throughout the area.

Some homeowners weren’t just dealing with water…but also sewage.

They went to the city for help and when they didn't get it they contacted the News4 I-Team. Consumer Investigator Lindsay Bramson is working for you and finds out how you can prevent something like this from happening to you.

This is just the beginning of what some homeowners in East Nashville are dealing with.

“A line of just wet poopy toilet paper is just flowing into our backyard,” said homeowner Jade Bommarito.

And it's not just in their backyard. It's also seeped into their house and they blame Metro Water for not doing enough to help them.

“Metro needs to fix their sewer lines,” said Bommarito.

But the city said it's actually not their responsibility to help them.

“These homes are in a flood plain so these basements are way below the flood elevation level and rainwater and sewage are both going to seek the path of least resistance,” said Sonia Allman with Metro Water Services.

Because they're in a flood plain, Metro Water says it’s on the homeowners to pay for repairs.

The Bommaritos said while they do have flood insurance it does not cover sewage issues.

If you own a home either in a flood zone or near one, here are some steps you can take to prevent water or sewage from getting inside your home.

Make sure you have a working backflow prevention valve. That helps prevent sewage from getting in.

The Bommarito’s discovered theirs was broken.

Double-check you have flood insurance. It's not required but if you live in Davidson County every homeowner is eligible for it.

And be careful...if you build a basement, having one automatically puts you at risk.

Bramson asked,” Is there more the city could be doing to help families like those on Brittany Drive? I’m not really sure. Do we make the property owners elevate their home? Do we make them incur that cost? Is that fair to the property owners,” said Allman.

Metro Water received more than a thousand calls for storm water or sewage issues between December and February because of all the rain.

We have a sewage problem in the city that needs to be fixed,” said Bommarito.

To see if you live in a flood zone, click here.

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