How firefighters at one Midstate department undergo training

News4 reporter Kim St. Onge underwent the firefighter training in Murfreesboro. (WSMV)

The tests firefighters have to pass to make sure they're capable of saving your life might blow your mind.

The Murfreesboro Fire Department is having try-outs right now, and over 250 people have applied for the job.

Firefighters not only have to take a written exam but also sometimes take a lie detector test. They also have to pass a series of difficult physical tests.

The Murfreesboro Fire Department says every firefighter also has to complete what's called the "two-minute test," which means being able to get all of the fire gear on in two minutes or less. The gear itself weighs upwards of 45 pounds.

Firefighters also have to crawl through a tunnel with their masks blacked out, climb the fire truck ladder that reaches up to eight stories and run a mile in under 12 minutes.

The Murfreesboro Police Department also conducts a test called the dummy drag, which shows if an applicant is strong enough to rescue someone from a burning home. The test involves dragging a 175-pound dummy for 50 feet.

These tests are all pass or fail tests, so if an applicant can't do one of the tests, they are immediately cut and have to wait for the next hiring round before they can try again.

We’re taking you through the firefighter training process this morning- here’s one of the tests, but there’s several more. Watch me go up against a Murfreesboro firefighter at 6:15. The tests are tougher than I thought!— Kim St. Onge (@KimWSMV) April 11, 2018

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