Lindsay Bramson joined News4 in June 2016 as an investigative reporter. She currently specializes in consumer issues.

It's this kind of weather that has some people’s yards looking like ponds.

Last summer the News4 I-Team told you about several homes that would flood due to nearby construction.

News4 Consumer Investigator Lindsay Bramson found out months later the problem for at least one homeowner is even worse.

Imagine walking through this in your own backyard.

Every time there's a heavy rain, Randy Purcell doesn't have to imagine. He lives it.

“Within a few minutes of it starting to rain its already coming down at a rapid rate,” said Purcell.

The News4 I-Team first told you about this last summer.

Purcell is just one of several homeowners in Sumner County who blame flooding on nearby construction.

Five months later he said the problem is even worse, especially on days like today.

“Now we're pretty much just captive to the concrete portion of our driveway,” said Purcell.

The homeowner said he hasn't been getting any help from county officials, so he took it upon himself to take some large rocks and block part of a culvert, until he was told by county officials he couldn't do that.

According to a letter from the county, the homeowner was in violation of numerous policies and laws. All he was trying to do, he said, was keep the water out of his yard.

"They owe it to us to hold the original people that engineered and designed this accountable for this,” said Purcell.

Sumner County Mayor Anthony Holt told the I-Team they are working with the developer to improve and decrease the flow of water.

Holt also said it’s not acceptable for anyone to try and take matters into their own hands.

“It should be taken care of in a way that our land is not affected. When you see foamy water come up in your backyard for no reason. That can't be good,” said Purcell.

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