Holly Bobo's family taunted as they seek her return

Holly Bobo

EDITOR'S NOTE: The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation has disputed a

number of the findings of the group Without Warning, which is featured in this

story. Click for the TBI's statement and Channel 4's response.

Those findings are under further review by Channel 4.

There is jubilation in Cleveland after three women who were kidnapped 10 years ago and held captive were found alive, but the torment continues in Tennessee for the family of missing nursing student Holly Bobo.

Holly Bobo seemed to disappear without a trace two years ago, but a team of detectives helping the family with the case has found clues, possible suspects and even a map tracing the abductor's route.

Now, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation has subpoenaed all of the Channel 4 I-Team's investigation, just as new clues have surfaced since the investigation first aired.

Plus, it appears that someone in the Parsons area is even taunting the Bobo family during its search.

The young nursing student was abducted from her family's Parsons, TN, home in Decatur County on April 13, 2011, and ever since, law enforcement and volunteers have devoted countless man-hours searching the woods and fields nearby.

Brentwood mom Sheila Wysocki is leading a team of investigators in uncovering new developments in the case.

Wysocki received national attention for obtaining a private investigator license and solving her college roommate's murder 20 years after the crime, and she now runs Without Warning: Fight Back with the goal of preventing assaults through self-defense and education.

With the blessing of the Bobo family, Wysocki brought together the full resources of her not-profit group and is working to help the Bobos find out, once and for all, what happened to Holly.

The Without Warning team said days after Holly Bobo's disappearance, her cell phone was found sitting right on busy Highway 641 north of Parsons, with the SIM card found just across the highway soon after.

It appeared to have been carefully placed there and was still in full working order, despite days of heavy rain following the date Holly Bobo went missing.

"Names were there and numbers were deleted," said Without Warning team member Liz Beatty.

Someone apparently went to a lot of trouble and risk to set those items out where they would likely be seen.

Now, we have learned that just a few weeks ago, Holly's brother, Clint Bobo, was tying pink ribbons on mailboxes to mark the two-year anniversary of his sister's disappearance. When darkness set in, he quit for the night but returned to finish the work the next morning, where he found inside the next mailbox along his path a shredded pink T-shirt.

Holly Bobo was wearing a pink shirt when she disappeared, and the color pink has been prominent in posters and banners seeking her return.

The shredded pink shirt was an understandably shocking discovery for a family holding out hope for a reunion as happy as the ones happening now in Ohio.

"Of course it's a taunting mentality to this family so they are victimized over again. Every day something happens - either someone calls and says something inappropriate, or they are not getting cooperation from TBI or they are being targeted by death threats," Wysocki said.

In the meantime, the TBI wants to view all of the Channel 4 I-Team's interviews related to this investigation, and the Without Warning team believes the TBI needs to spend more time with the Bobos - in particular, mother Karen Bobo.

"If I were investigating, I would go to the person who knows the most. TBI is not talking to Karen. She has to email tips to 1-800-TBI-FIND and text one of the agents," Wysocki said. "I would go to her. She knows Holly best of all the players and any person in town. Just ask her. She has looked at every single person."

Wysocki's team said it is time for authorities to get aggressive and seek warrants for questioning possible suspects in the case.

The TBI will not comment on the open investigation but did release a statement regarding its relationship with the Bobo family:

"The appropriate information has been shared with the Bobo family at the appropriate times. They have routinely called the agent assigned to the case, the assistant special agent in charge, the special agent in charge, as well as Director Mark Gwyn. All of them have taken the Bobos' phone calls regularly."

TBI officials added they routinely do not consult with victims' families regarding the investigative strategies of cases.

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