Holly Bobo's brother tells his side of the story for the first time

Clint Bobo

EDITOR'S NOTE: The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation has disputed a number of the findings of the group Without Warning, which is featured in this story. Click for the TBI's statement and Channel 4's response. Those findings are under further review by Channel 4.

The search for Holly Bobo has been as agonizing as it is puzzling. Two years have passed since the young nursing student vanished into the woods near her West Tennessee home without a trace.

Law enforcement and volunteers have devoted countless man-hours searching the woods and fields near Bobo's home, but a new team of investigators led by nationally known Brentwood mom Sheila Wysocki is uncovering new developments in the case.

Wysocki received national attention for obtaining a private investigator license and solving her college roommate's murder 20 years after the crime, and she now runs Without Warning: Fight Back with the goal of preventing assaults through self-defense and education.

With the blessing of the Bobo family, Wysocki brought together the full resources of her not-profit group and is working to help the Bobos find out, once and for all, what happened to Holly.

"The first time that I met Sheila, I just instantly liked her. We just clicked," said mother Karen Bobo. "I just feel like somehow, some way, Sheila and her team are going to help us."

Before the Without Warning team could get started, it had a very awkward assignment - it needed to be sure that Holly Bobo's brother, Clint Bobo, had nothing to do with the crime.

Clint Bobo is the only witness to his sister's abduction from her family's Parsons, TN, home in Decatur County on April 13, 2011.

He has been interrogated for more than 17 hours, strip searched, though the TBI said this has not happened, polygraphed and even hypnotized to find out exactly what he knows and remembers. He also turned over his hard drive and cell phone, yet some outsiders still think he had something to do with the crime.

Clint Bobo said he never felt hated until his sister was abducted. He had never been called a criminal, much less a killer, until his sister disappeared.

But ever since Holly Bobo went missing, Clint Bobo has received death threats and has been accused of planning or actually killing his sister Holly Bobo.

"They're warped. In my mind, they're warped," said Karen Bobo, about those who accuse her son of involvement.

Remarkably, it is Clint Bobo's role as an eyewitness that made him a suspect. Sound asleep that April day, Clint Bobo woke up to the sound of his dog barking then heard voices.

"I slightly raised the blinds and looked out this window and saw Holly," Clint Bobo said. "It appeared to be Holly kneeling down and [Holly's boyfriend] Drew. They looked like they were kneeled down, facing each other in the garage, and they were talking back and forth. Holly sounded very upset and heated. He was doing much of the talking, and she would answer back and things like that. I couldn't make out hardly any of the words. The only words I could make out from here were Holly saying, 'No, why?'"

Clint Bobo said he figured Holly and her boyfriend Drew were breaking up.

At this time, Karen Bobo called home after she heard from a neighbor that there was a scream.

It's important to note that Clint Bobo didn't hear that scream, and Karen Bobo didn't tell her son there was a scream.

They were not on the same page.

"I said, 'Clint, that's not Drew. Get a gun and shoot him.' And I remember him saying, 'You want me to shoot Drew?' So I hung the phone up again, and I think at that point I fell on the floor," Karen Bobo said.

Clint Bobo knew that Holly's boyfriend Drew was turkey hunting that morning, so he thought it was obviously Drew he saw wearing camouflage and talking with his sister. He said it appeared to be a serious conversation and maybe even a break-up talk.

"And I don't want to call 911 and say, 'My sister and her boyfriend are breaking up,'" Clint Bobo said.

So, Clint Bobo didn't act, but went to check again. This time, he saw Holly walking into the woods with the man in camouflage.

"The only thing I could see was his right arm, which was hanging down," Clint Bobo said. "I saw them up to about where those two trees are, and from that point I never saw them again."

Then, police started arriving. Karen Bobo came home and neighbors arrived. Everyone was talking about what happened, but no one had started searching yet.

"It seems like it was well over two hours at least before anyone went into the woods. They waited on search dogs to get here and a helicopter," said family friend Terri Brumley.

"I was begging them to put out road blocks," said Karen Bobo. "The bond that Holly and I had - I knew that something was completely, absolutely wrong, but I just couldn't make anybody understand that."

Instead, people milled around and totally destroyed a crime scene. The TBI disputes that the crime scene was destroyed.

"There were four-wheelers in the backyard, horses, helicopters. There were a lot of people, and they were all out there looking," Wysocki said.

The Without Warning team believes investigators could have picked up critical information, including the abductor's shoe size or even blood and DNA had everybody not trampled through that crime scene.

When police realized they had an abduction, they released to the media that a man dressed in camouflage dragged Holly Bobo into the woods.

"I think the media picked up that it was a 'drag' because it came from law enforcement, versus directly from Clint," Wysocki said.

"He's a good guy, and - I think - an honest guy, and I think he got thrown under the bus," said Mike, a Nashville cyberspecialist and member of Wysocki's team.

Everyone wondered how Holly Bobo's own brother could just stand by and watch that. Well, it's because it didn't happen.

Holly Bobo walked into the woods with the man in camouflage who Clint Bobo was sure was Drew, who was hunting that morning.

"He didn't want to stick his nose in his sister's business, and especially her boyfriend, being his best friend for a time," said former LAPD Detective Lou Leiker.

So, Holly Bobo and the man in camouflage disappeared into the woods and vanished. But what about those woods? Did Holly Bobo and her abductor actually disappear into the woods, or did something else happen?

"We believe he may have had a gun or knife, and they continued up this path. On the other side of these woods there is a logging road where you can easily park a vehicle. The dogs, we know, pursued and then stopped. Why would they stop right there? Because the odds are she got into a vehicle," Mike said.

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