It's one of the most popular "cut-through" roads in Nashville. And right now, it's out of commission.

Work is underway on the Hillwood Boulevard bridge spanning railroad tracks and Richland Creek, just off Harding Pike.

The job isn't expected to be finished until August of 2019.

On Post Road, and side streets in Hillwood, drivers are trying to find the fastest route to get from White Bridge over to Harding Pike.

Leeann Cain uses the various Hillwood Blvd. detours.

“People are starting to learn them, so even those are getting more crowded,” Cain said. “Hillwood Boulevard has been a really convenient cut-through from Charlotte (Pike) over to Harding (Pike). So, now that people don't have access to this, White Bridge is getting really crowded. Harding gets really, really crowded.”

With the Hillwood Blvd bridge out of the mix, drivers are left with two options to get to Harding Pike.

Stay on White Bridge, or cut down Post Road all the way down to Davidson Road.

Biff Watson lives in Hillwood. He said, “It's jammed up, everyone going to the church on Davidson, turning over the railroad tracks. It's getting to be a pretty long line over there.”

TDOT says right now the crews are able to work without being impacted by trains. The project calls for keeping portions of the existing bridge, so the work going now is making the required improvements.

They say everything is on schedule.

“That bridge has been in need of repair for quite a while,” said Watson.

Metro Public Works says before the project began, a study looked at ways to improve the increased traffic flow on side streets.

They looked at adding temporary signals, re-striping lanes, and adjusting signal times.

However, they said there's not a lot they could do that wouldn't result in worse traffic.

“I'm sure when it's all done it will be great,” Watson said. “But in the meantime it will be inconvenient. But, I'm willing to put up with it.”

Metro Police says if neighbors are noticing more people driving too fast, and cutting through their neighborhood - to contact the west precinct community coordinator. They can assign an officer to traffic calming control in the area.

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