Hendersonville to fix flooding problems after News4 I-Team investigation

Residents of Fountain Brooke subdivision were regularly flooded by construction run-off prior to a berm being built. (WSMV)

It was the video of water rushing through one homeowner’s backyard that sparked a News4 I-Team investigation in May.

Neighbors blamed nearby construction and when they weren't getting any help they contacted the News4 I-Team.

Hendersonville city officials said they'd talk to the developer and fix it. So, did they?

It's been nearly three months since the I-Team was here and since then city officials said they have taken several steps to ensure water stays on that side of the barrier.

For months, homeowners living in this Hendersonville neighborhood never knew just how bad things would get when it rained.

Sometimes rain would flood people’s yards, other times it would seep into their homes.

A News4 I-Team investigation found the city wasn't doing enough to hold these developers accountable until the I-Team started asking questions.

“The city has to do their part to keep them on track and make sure things are done correctly,” said Lindsey Baldwin, who lives in the Fountain Brooke subdivision.

Baldwin is one of several homeowners who held her breath every time it poured.

Now, three months later, a large berm sits behind her house blocking water from getting onto her property as well as others.

"It makes it something a little nicer to look at and it's not ruining our grass and driveway anymore,” said Baldwin.

The News4 I-Team asked city officials, “Would you say the city has learned from this and are you taking steps to make sure something like this doesn't happen again?.”

“Yes, as normal business and normal construction happens things pop up and we're trying to stay with them on top of it,” said Duane Allen, a design engineer for the city of Hendersonville.

Allen said moving forward the city promises to keep a closer eye on construction and do their part to make sure something like this doesn't happen again.

"If you want your city to continue to grow and at the rapid rate Hendersonville is, the city has to be involved,” said Baldwin.

New developments are going up constantly in Hendersonville.

How fast is Hendersonville growing?

In 2013, the population was just over 54,000. Since then, Hendersonville has grown nearly 13 percent.

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