Hemp dispensary opens in Murfreesboro

Tennessee Hemp Supply opened last week in Murfreesboro. (WSMV)

Business has been brisk for a dispensary selling hemp grown in Tennessee.

The reasons people are buying it have nothing to do with getting high.

There is no high attached to the products sold and it’s perfectly legal.

At the Tennessee Hemp Supply, the parking lot was full until closing at 9 p.m.

A steady stream of customers entered the business, some curious others buying hemp products for pain management.

You can smoke the hemp buds, apply a hemp lotion or even consume it as a fizzy drink

Either way owner Trinity Mealor said he has seen people get relief from pain without the high.

“They come in with a muscle pain as a predominant problem, when they rub it on, they’re feeling better in 8 to 12 minutes,” said Mealor.

THC, the active ingredient in the hemp bud, is 0.03 percent, the legal threshold. Essentially there is no high attached to it when smoked and 10 percent CBD, the chemical that relieves the pain.

“That’s why you take CBD for anti-inflammatory effects, for anxiety help and stress reducing,” said Mealor.

Richie Kennedy, a first-time hemp user, is a plumber who suffers from chronic lower back pain. He tried the hemp lotion.

“In 10 minutes I’ve rubbed it in and I can already feel the pain relief in my lower back,” said Kennedy. “I’m feeling the results already within 10 minutes.”

Since Mealor opened Tennessee Hemp Supply last week, the line of people has stretched out the door.

“We had to turn people away,” said Mealor.

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