NASHVILLE, TN (WSMV) - February is International Boost Your Self-Esteem Month.

Certified Life Coach Laura Weldy said many times low self-esteem comes from living in a stage of “burn out.”

You're tired, you feel like you're in a rut, and you are spending energy in places that ultimately don't improve your feelings of wellbeing.

Weldy suggests taking some time for self-evaluation.

“Getting back to basics. What are my priorities, where do I want to allocate my time and attention and how can I make sure that I'm doing that, more mindfully?” said Weldy.

Weldy said that may mean scaling back on some things, even if just for a few weeks, to help prevent burnout. She said it can also help to reframe your though process and take on an “active mindset.”

“Sometimes when people start down the self-improvement road or confidence building road, they get really overwhelmed because it feels like an added responsibility. So, learning how to see that added responsibility instead as like a game an opportunity for you to be actively creating the life that you want, instead of shoot like another responsibility that's falling on my plate that I have to take care of.”

Weldy said if you take a mindset that others want you to do well, it can help ease feelings of anxiety or nervousness when taking on new projects or tasks. She said it’s also important to lean on the important people in your life to ask for help affirming a positive self-image.

“I think if you're in a partnership, then having a conversation with your partner about how you can become that intentionally uplifting support for one another, things like recognizing all the things that you're doing well, creating a list of the things that you're really exceptional at as a parent affirming one another in that,” she said. “I think if you're doing it on your own. It's all about building a community that's going to really, consciously speak those words to you.”

At the end of the day, Weldy said it's about practice. Practice being confident. Practice positive self-reflection. She said it may feel awkward and uncomfortable at first, but over time tasks that may have given you feelings of anxiety and fear will become more natural.


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