A north Nashville community recognized this is just the latest teen violence incident and said it’s time for a change.

Gideon’s Army is dedicating their time to bettering the community by mentoring kids every day.

Gideon’s Army was created by a former Metro teacher who lost a student to gun violence.

Now she’s using her voice and her experiences to change the community.

Part of the Gideon’s Army are the Violence Interrupters. Their name explains exactly what they do.

“Patrol the streets and areas and target high profile areas to talk to those in the neighborhood to try to get them to stop the violence,” said Chef Mic True.

The group said they all grew up around Nashville gang and decided to turn lives around. Now they want to help kids do the same.

“Our number one tool is our experience because we once had that same mentality,” said Hambino Godbody. “We were once deemed hopeless but we know that there is a way and knowledge is the key.”

The name Gideon’s Army is a reference to Gideon in the Bible who was called to save his people.

This grassroots organization is taking it upon themselves to save the community of north Nashville, starting at Pearl-Cohn High School.

The Violence Interrupters meet kids where they are, whether it’s at their homes, in schools or on the streets.

From there, they feed kids, help them look for jobs, cope with stress and teach them how to resolve conflict. They also make sure to stay constant in the kids’ lives.

“We don’t just deal with them one day, hear their problems and then done,” said True. “We constantly check back up with them.”

Currently Gideon’s Army is only at Pearl-Cohn, but the goal is to expand to every school in Nashville.

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