Westmoreland murder victims

Funeral arrangements have been announced for three of the victims killed on Saturday near Westmoreland.

Funeral services for Marsha Elizabeth Nuckols, 64, Rachel Dawn McGlothlin-Pee, 43, and Sapphire McGlothlin-Pee, 12, will be held Sunday at 2 p.m. at Gilbert Funeral Home in Portland.

Visitation will be Saturday from 10 a.m.-9 p.m. and Sunday from 9 a.m.-2 p.m. at the funeral home.

The family has requested in lieu of flowers that donations be made to Gilbert Funeral Home to help offset funeral expenses.

The seven people killed inside two homes near Westmoreland died from either blunt force trauma or sharp force injuries, according to the state medical examiner.

Dr. Feng Li said the manner of death for all seven has been ruled as homicide.

Michael Cummins

Michael Cummins (Photo: TBI)

Michael Cummins, 25, has been named a suspect in the deaths.

The eighth victim, a woman who has been identified as Michael Cummins' grandmother, remains in critical condition at a local hospital, according to the TBI.

Cummins, 25, is accused off killing six people, including his mother and father, at a home on Charles Brown Road. He later allegedly killed a seventh person at a home on Luby Brown Road.

Cummins was arrested on Saturday night after he was spotted in a creek bed, by agents in a TBI helicopter, near the home on Charles Brown Road.

He was subsequently shot by law enforcement after the situation escalated, for reasons under investigation, according to the original news release from the TBI.

Michael Cummins is still in the hospital and will be transferred to the Sumner County Jail when he is dismissed.

The victims found inside the home on Charles Brown road were:

  • David Carl Cummins, Michael Cummins’ father
  • Clara Jane Cummins, Michael Cummins’ mother
  • Charles Edward Hosale, Michael Cummins’ uncle
  • Rachel Dawn McGlothlin-Pee, unknown relation to Michael Cummins
  • Sapphire McGlothlin-Pee, daughter of Rachel Dawn McGlothlin-Pee
  • Marsha Elizabeth Nuckols, mother of Rachel Dawn McGlothlin-Pee

Shirley B. Fehrle was found dead inside a home on Luby Brown Road.

According to court documents, Fehrle appeared to have blunt force trauma to her face as well as injuries to her extremities, and Cummins is accused of killing Fehrle and stealing her Kia Forte.

Before his capture, Cummins was said to have been seen in a blood stained t-shirt by witnesses, who he told the stains were chocolate.

Witnesses said Michael Cummins told them that if anything goes down, he would get blamed for it and he was saving a bullet for himself.

So far, Cummins has been charged with criminal homicide in connection with Fehrle, theft of over $10,000 and violation of probation.

A warrant was signed on Monday after the incidents charging Michael Cummins with violation of probation.

According to the warrant, he violated the terms of his probation after entering a guilty plea for attempted aggravated arson and aggravated assault.

Michael Cummins was placed on 10 years probation and served no jail time after entering a guilty plea.

The warrant filed on Monday cited Cummins as a suspect in the murders, failing to comply with special conditions of his probation specifically addressing a mental health evaluation, and no contact order with Pamela Sanabria.

More charges are anticipated from the District Attorney’s Office.

The bodies inside the Charles Brown Road home were originally discovered on Saturday evening after a family member called 911 after finding four bodies.

As the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation processed the scene, two additional bodies were found in the home.

The TBI said that an examination of crime data shows the murders are the “deadliest homicide event in Tennessee in at least 20 years.”

Brian Cummins, Michael Cummins’ uncle, told News4 on Monday that he wished he would have killed him.

“I love him to death, but when he killed my brother and them, I wish I would’ve killed him that night,” Brian Cummins said.

Court documents said Brian Cummins saw his nephew wearing a white T-shirt with blood stains. Michael Cummins told him the stains were from chocolate.

“I said ‘No it ain’t. I said that’s dry blood,” Brian Cummins said on Monday.

Criminal Court Judge Dee David Gay signed off on Michael Cummins’ probation last year, giving him probation and ordering him to complete a mental health evaluation.

“I don’t regret endorsing what was in front of me by two very good attorneys,” Gay told News4 on Monday night.

Brian Cummins said his nephew should have been put away, perhaps for life, at that time.

“He should’ve been in a mental hospital, and maybe stayed there for the rest of his life,” Brian Cummins said.

In 2017, Michael Cummins set fire to a neighbor’s mobile home, assaulted her and threatened to return to finish the job.

He has been charged with multiple crimes since 2013, including an additional assault case and a violation of a protection order.

The TBI is still trying to figure out the timeline for the murders.

Sumner County Schools released a statement on Monday regarding the loss of one of their students and said additional counseling staff would be placed at Westmoreland Middle School for students and employees.

Counselors will also be on hand for law enforcement. The TBI director said it may take several days before the shock of what they have seen sets in.

A GoFundMe page has been started to help raise money for the cost of the victims' funerals. You can access the fundraising page here.

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