NASHVILLE, TN (WSMV) - It’s no doubt Nashville’s most relevant conversation – do you like or dislike all the changes that have come to the city?

The Frist Art Museum let the people decide, asking for one photo that best shows how you feel about Music City.

Oh My! That’s the expression that said it best.

With 50 photos, there are varied opinions.

Rainbow positive or what have they done to my city negative. Progress is a good word for some, and a bad one for others. Out with the old and in with the new.

“It’s up to the interpretation of the person looking. Is this a good thing or a bad thing? It’s hard to tell,” said Shaun Giles, curator at the Frist Art Museum.

Giles wants you to decide.

“You see the cranes in the downtown skyline. Is that a positive or a negative?” said Giles.

It’s all about perspective. Nashville’s incredible beauty seen by some, others just don’t see that at all.

What’s in your wallet determines how you live.

“Some people are going to come in and benefit from new housing,” said Giles. “Others won’t be able to afford property taxes and will have to move.”

Most of the photos make a statement, others just shoot for and find the joy of life here.

Plenty are just straight out poignant and point to places Nashville improved.

Perfect is a long way off, and that’s shown too.

“The homeless are most vulnerable of our citizens, not in a position to benefit from changes in the city,” said Giles.

Blue-collar salutes mixed with Nashville gems on this hold-on fast-paced ride, all designed to get you talking.

“That’s what we want people to do, to think. If it generates a conversation or two, it’s even better,” said Giles.

The Connect/Disconnect: Growth in the “It” City exhibit continues through Aug. 4 in the Conte Community Arts Gallery at the Frist Art Museum.

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