Neighbors are remembering the Sumner County woman murdered with no known relation to the suspect. They say Shirley Fehrle stayed to herself and was known for her giving spirit.

There are flowers surrounding a house in Westmoreland, giving little touches of pink and yellow to the yard.

"They're peonies," said a neighbor who preferred to be anonymous. "She was always wanting to give me something."

This neighbor said she got those flowers from a good friend, Shirley Fehrle. She said giving was just in Fehrle's nature. She'd worked as a nurse before taking a quiet life, mostly keeping to herself on Luby Brown Road. 

The neighbor said it was Friday afternoon when she and her husband drove by and saw Fehrle on the porch. 

"She was just sitting there, just resting or thinking," she said. "It was the last time I saw her. It all started developing, the police cars. The helicopter pretty well landed on my house. That's when they were looking for him. It was a scary Saturday, an unsettled feeling."

Michael Cummins is accused of killing six people on nearby Charles Brown Road before coming to Fehrle's home. Fehrle was murdered and her car stolen. 

"Never bothered a soul," the neighbor said. "Never bothered a soul. Just a fine, fine lady."

Wednesday, neighbors didn't know who left a little bouquet of flowers next to Fehrle's house. They said they're very fitting for someone who gifted beautiful things. 

"I said, 'y'know, look here. We'll always be able to remember her cause here's a part of her,'" said the neighbor, looking out over her flowers in her yard. "It's just a sad feeling, a sad feeling."

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Forrest Sanders is an award-winning reporter, videographer and editor at News4.

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