Franklin cold case haunts family, police decades later


Who shot Peggy Cox? It's a question that has been haunting the Franklin Police Department for 27 years.

The 49-year-old woman was shot to death while working a fast food drive-thru window.

For her family, the closure they desperately want has evaded them for almost three decades.

On the anniversary of her murder, Franklin Police are renewing their efforts to find her killer.

It was a callous, cold-blooded killing. A car pulls up to the Hardee's drive-thru on Highway 96 just before closing on the night of February 1, 1991.

Gunshots ring out, leaving Peggy Cox mortally wounded on her birthday.

Peggy's son Jude Cox, who was 20 at the time of her death, was working the grill by the drive-thru and immediately ran to his mother's side.

Jude spoke with News 4 in 2011.

"She was technically dead before she hit the floor," said Cox. "I think she tried to say something,"

The passing years have not lessened the intensity of those horrifying images that play through his mind.

Franklin Police, have been unwavering in their determination to find to find Peggy Cox' killer and to answer one gnawing question: Why?

"She was a go to bed early, work-hard woman at church on Sundays, did not have an enemy," said Lt. Charles Warner of the Franklin Police Department. "We are baffled."

For Franklin PD, it's not if this cold case is solved, but when.

"We want answers and we really won't stop until those answers are provided," said Warner.

Franklin Police have set up a tip line dedicated to the Peggy Cox. A $25,000 reward is also on the table.

If you have information that can help, call Franklin Police at 615-550-8404.

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