The Nashville students left behind by Brightwood College's closure have now had a few months to pick up the pieces, but it could get costly if they don't find a new school soon.

Student loans don't go away when a college shuts its doors for good.

News4 spoke with Annie Taylor-Fudge who attended Brightwood.

"I finally got the nerve to go back to school and then bam, we get smacked in the face," Taylor-Fudge said.

She enrolled in a nine month medical assistant program. She was only two months into the program when she learned the school was shutting down in December.

"There's some times I cry because that's all I wanted to be was a medical assistant and for my family to watch me walk down the line because I would be the first one in my family to graduate from school and now I'm not," Taylor-Fudge said.

Four months have gone by and she's still dealing with a mess. It's stopped her from enrolling in another college for now.

She's had some good news. Her federal student loans totaling $19,000 were forgiven.

"That process, it may be easy to apply for. The actual granting of that, incredibly difficult," D.J. Rausa, a student loan attorney said.

Rausa worries others may not be as lucky. In cases like this, he said students should apply for loan forgiveness if they were enrolled when the school closed.

If they don't, they could end up footing the bill.

"The owners disappear and the students are abandoned. That's really what it is. The complete and absolute abandonment," Rausa said.

Taylor-Fudge is looking forward and plans to finish school elsewhere.

"You just got to suck it up and go on and don't let that get to you," Taylor-Fudge said.

She also told News4 she's considering another for-profit college. She does have some concerns it could close too.

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