NASHVILLE (WSMV) - The Fraternal Order of Police in Nashville is taking matters into their own hands after Officer Andrew Delke was charged with murder in the death of Daniel Hambrick.

The FOP is out with a digital campaign, they say it's to tell the truth about what really happened that day.

One of the FOP's advertisements shows a gun and reads, "This is the same loaded gun that was pointed at Officer Delke."

It's a bold move from the FOP.

We asked the FOP's president James Smallwood why he decided to do this.

"Its important for people to realize that Officer Delke had a convicted felon pointing a loaded handgun in his direction, and he was using force to protect himself and others in the community," said Smallwood, "And you'd be surprised by how many people in the community don't know that... Don't know that Daniel Hambrick was even armed with a gun."

During that conversation, Smallwood didn't pull any punches. He was very clear about his disapproval of the District Attorney and what he said is the DA's effort to win re-election.

"District Attorney Funk is trying to pander to people who are going to vote for him in the next election. This is clearly a case where a convicted felon pointed a gun at a police officer and the police officer was forced to react. And now he's charged that officer wrongfully with 1st degree murder," said Smallwood.

The District Attorney and Officer Delke's attorney both say they won't release a statement since this is a pending investigation. However, News4 did hear from the family of Daniel Hambrick, the man who was shot and killed by Officer Delke.

"The FOP's 'Digital Campaign' is nothing more than a desperate attempt to poison the minds of potential jurors. Similar attempts to justify the murder of Daniel Hambrick have been rejected by both a sitting judge and the Davidson County Grand Jury," the family's statement reads in part.

Now, we'll have to watch for how the community reacts to the campaign.

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Lauren Lowrey joined News4 as an anchor in December 2018.

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