WILLIAMSON COUNTY, TN (WSMV) - A Williamson County Sheriff’s captain resigned and two other deputies were suspended following accusations of sexual harassment, News4 Investigates has confirmed.

The punishments and resignation are the latest developments in our ongoing investigation of sexual harassment complaints from seven female employees inside the department. 

The resignation and suspensions come after deputy Jessica Haynes filed two lawsuits in 2019 and 2021.

In the 2019 lawsuit, Haynes accused her former supervisor, Captain Mark Wainwright, of "reprehensible and disgusting" sexual harassment for repeatedly commenting on her body and making other sexual comments.

Haynes also said Wainwright kissed her and attempted to kiss her.

An attorney for the sheriff's office confirmed that after the office learned of the lawsuit, they began investigating and removed Wainwright from a supervisor position.

Wainwright's file shows that he retired during the investigation, although the department's attorney also described it as a resignation.

Because Wainwright resigned, the investigation never reached a conclusion.

News4 Investigates repeatedly tried to reach Wainwright by phone, through email, and social media but did not get a response before our deadline.

Haynes then filed another lawsuit in 2021, claiming that a thumb drive filled with pornography was left on her computer at work.

A sheriff’s department investigation showed the drive, which contained more than 18,000 pornographic images, belonged to Sgt. David Hellstrom.

Hellstrom wrote in the investigation that the thumb drive was left in the computer by mistake and that he did not intend to cause harm.

The investigation also showed that deputy Daniel Poff said he accessed the thumb drive by mistake and didn’t report it because he didn’t want to be “a snitch.”

Both Hellstorm and Poff received a five-day suspension without pay.

News4 Investigates requested to interview Hellstrom, Poff, and Sheriff Dusty Rhoades. Still, the department's attorney said they could not speak because of the pending lawsuit.

The file also shows that investigators started looking into Haynes herself once the thumb drive investigation was launched.

Citing that investigators started looking into security cameras to identify who left the thumb drive at the computer where Haynes worked as a school resource officer, they found that Haynes came to the school on a Sunday in her county-issued car. However, she was not on duty and was not wearing her uniform.

The investigation showed Haynes and a teacher then came outside. The teacher took pictures of Haynes in her county-issued vehicle with the lights on.

The investigation showed Haynes and a teacher then came outside, and the teacher took pictures of Haynes in her county-issued vehicle with the lights on.

That investigation ultimately found repeated instances of unauthorized use of a county vehicle by Haynes and incorrect time cards.

Haynes was ultimately suspended, without pay, for ten days, and her attorney says she was also suspended with pay as the investigation was underway.

Haynes disputes the findings from the investigation in her lawsuit, calling them “technical violations,” and claims the punishment was retaliation for coming forward in her first lawsuit.

In the 2021 lawsuit, Haynes also accused other officers of sexual harassment and said a human resources employee witnessed it and laughed.

The attorney for the department said those accusations were never shared with the sheriff's department and were only included in the lawsuit.

News4 Investigates also requested to interview Haynes herself. Still, her attorney said his policy was not to allow clients to do interviews pending litigation.

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