NASHVILLE, TN (WSMV) - Wednesday, there was still an active scene on Murfreesboro Pike after the shooting of an ATF agent. It comes after, on Tuesday, ATF agents attempted to arrest 40-year-old Corey Wellman in connection with a drug investigation.

Law enforcement has narrowed down the police line to the parking lot where the shooting occurred. Wednesday, News4 crews saw people and business owners grab their cars and other belongings left behind Tuesday.

“I thought it was an event at first,” Alexandro Escobar-Pena said. However, he added he was trying to get lunch at one of the businesses closed temporarily by the shooting.

“Now that I look closer, it looks to be an issue over there,” Escobar-Pena elaborated.

Tanya Brown said she was inside her home right behind the parking lot when she heard gunshots.

“I heard a lot of noise which I first thought was the neighbor hanging pictures or something,” Brown said. “Come to find out it was gunshots, and it was a lot of them being fired.”

Brown said she heard at least 20 repetitive shots.

“If it wasn’t for that building right there could have come that way, you never know,” Brown said. “I don’t know which direction they were going.”

WARNING: This video contains sensitive material that some may find disturbing. 

The FBI and Metro Police have not said who fired at who. Metro Police say Wellman died at Vanderbilt University Medical Center.

The parking lot will be closed off Thursday.

The US Attorneys Office tells News4 a warrant was out for Wellman’s arrest last week for possessing and intending to distribute large amounts of heroin. They say he would sell the drug off his Instagram account.


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