A Midstate father is suing the mother of his unborn baby over his right to be there for the birth.

Jordan Cawman is due in October. She and her boyfriend broke up in April.

Cawman says he was supportive at first, then seemed to show a lack of interest.

“I would reach out to him, send him a picture of my stomach or send him an ultrasound. He would give me replies like well I’m with my friends,” Cawman said.

According to the lawsuit, the father also wants a paternity test, his name on the birth certificate, and to be notified when she went into labor. He also wants to be in the delivery room.

“I was OK with establishing paternity and putting him on the birth certificate but I wanted the delivery to be a place where my child and I would be stress free, tension free and it would be safe for us and I just feel with him present it would never be that way,” said Cawman.

According to legal experts, Tennessee law says if the mother and father are not married, the father has no rights until the baby is born. Even then, it takes several steps.

“I do want him to have time with his son, I just want it to be in an environment that’s safe and healthy for him,” said Cawman.

She said she wishes they could have worked something out without having to go to court when she’s 6 months pregnant.

“It has caused me to be physically sick from the stress that he’s been calling me,” said Cawman.

News4 reached out to the father’s attorney, but she wouldn’t comment on the case.

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