Fans still flock to Bonnaroo

Bonnaroo 2018 (WSMV)

Organizers wondered 17 years ago if they brought music to a big farm 70 miles southeast of Nashville if anyone would show up.

Today, with thousands showing up at Bonnaroo, they don’t worry about attendance.

Bonnaroo wasn’t even a word until music fans made it one.

Again this year 150 performers and 10 stages of music take over this 700-acre farm.

More than 80,000 people from around the world come to Manchester.

The rapper Eminem headlines the show, the heat and the haze provides most of the atmosphere.

Finding shade isn’t impossible, but here in the grove, finding a hammock and a place to rest was.

Nap time is the calm before the storm.

A new spot at Bonnaroo, introducing out-of-towners to Nashville hot spots, none hotter than Prince’s Chicken.

Cool is hard to find when the temperature is 90 plus.

A cool vibe is what Victoria Perez brings.

“She’s just as relaxed as can be, trying to go for the relaxed look today,” said Perez. “Keeping cool and hydrated with my egg shoes.”

Ferris wheel fun is what the millennials say is a positive vibe.

No time to say no. Everything is yes.

Even the turtle found will be wagoned to some shade.

“You’re all going through this thing together, but you’re all strong and positive, brings out a good mentality from the people who are here,” said J.C. Ledbetter.

Sheryl Crow, Sturgill Simpson and Mavis Staples give you an idea of the variety that will be seen on the stages at Bonnaroo.

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