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NASHVILLE (WSMV) - Fans waited outside of Municipal Auditorium to see Lauryn Hill perform on Thursday night, only to find out hours later that the show had been canceled.

In a series of social media posts, the singer said her musicians and crew were not able to make it to the show because of flight issues caused by Hurricane Michael.

Hill took to social media to post a statement about the cancellation:

Nashville, I am very sorry about the circumstances surrounding tonight’s scheduled performance. Flights for our entire band and most of our crew were grounded due to Hurricane Michael. Flights keep getting delayed, our band now doesn’t arrive until after midnight. We tried to find local musicians that could fill in, but there wasn’t enough time to get it all together. We apologize for the late cancellation, we have been trying all day to figure out a way to make to make this work, but it just wasn’t possible. We will be rescheduling a new show in Nashville, and will figure out something special for the community who came out tonight to support. Apologies again, we appreciate your patience and understanding.

About an hour later, Hill posted this statement:

Nashville supporters, thank you. Folks angry that I can’t control the weather or airline policies, not sure how to address your complaints. I didn’t make the hurricane or flight cancellations up, you can check for yourself. I actually tried to wing it with musicians and sound crew who aren’t familiar with my arrangements. Had that show not been good you would have still been upset. I have delivered countless positive experiences for audiences all over this world. Sickness, weather, and production conflicts beyond my control force us to cancel, it is never my choice. I’ve performed when sick, when pregnant, with bad weather and delays, when it’s possible... when it isn’t, all I can do is apologize and come back next time with more fire. I understand your frustration, I’m frustrated as well, and I spent as much time as I could actually rehearsing with new musicians to try and get something presentable together. The fire marshall couldn’t allow us any more time. My own standards let alone your expectations for hearing this album live don’t allow me to just do anything.

To the fans that were there, I appreciate you coming, I was

really trying to work things out during soundcheck, as you heard, just too much for new musicians to learn in such little time. I have played countless shows rain, sleet, and snow, and will continue to do so. Anything I’ve missed I come back and do. To suggest that I don’t is inaccurate. Those who’ve been touched in any way by my music know that I put everything into it.

If I don’t get a pass for a hurricane, then you weren’t rocking with me anyway.

We push hard to present powerful performances. This run has been filled with special moments. We intend to keep that energy through the rest of this tour. We’re going to reschedule Nashville and I look forward to seeing my fans in Atlanta on Saturday, and in all the other cities around the world that I am scheduled to play on this tour.

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