NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WSMV) -- If you go to the Nashville Flea Market this weekend, expect to see some changes concerning where you park.

The November flea market is the first since the Fairgrounds closed off the Walsh Road parking lot. It’s roped off for construction of a new Expo center.

Marisa Inskeep and Alex Martin come to the flea market to buy things they resell on-line - like vintage baseball bats.   This time, they had to park in a more remote lot.

"Usually we park on the other corner, and a few months ago, they started renovations over there. Then we started parking over here, and now, they've got that all blocked off, so we're forced to park way over here," Martin said.

Flea market shopper Megan Hamby was steered to the same lot. It’s in an area behind the racetrack that in the past has only been used for overflow parking.

Megan Hamby guessed at how long the walk was to the flea market gate.  

"I don't know, a half mile? That's probably exaggerating. It was really long."

Proposed fairgrounds parking

Construction has taken away two prime fairgrounds parking lots.

 New recreation fields at Fair Park took one lot.  At the end of October, a second lot, the one on Walsh Road, closed.  

The Fairgrounds parking staff is doing its best to accommodate shoppers by offering parking lot shuttles.

"It was probably a quarter of a mile. It doesn't bother me. I'm used to it," said Matthew Lockhart, a flea market shopper.

Parking is a sore issue at the fairgrounds.

The group Save Our Fairgrounds went to court over it, saying construction related to the new professional soccer stadium would kill the flea market.

The fairgrounds executive director disagreed. 

A judge decided to allow construction on the new expo center to continue.   The Expo center is expected to be finished by late spring.

"I think it will be a great thing for Nashville. I think it will be a lot easier to shop," said Nancy Altenbern, a flea market shopper.

By midday Friday, it seemed everyone who wanted a parking spot at the flea market found one - even if it was further than they expected.

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