NASHVILLE (WSMV) - One of the measures on the November ballot is the creation of a community oversight board.

Those elections are right around the corner. In fact, early voting starts next week.

Many of you have been receiving calls and texts from candidates asking for your support. News4 wanted to find out how candidates are getting your phone numbers.

Legally, the candidates have access to all of the information that you put on your voter registration application.

However, if you are tired of the texts and calls, there are a few things you can do about it.

If you don't want the calls, don't share your phone number when you register to vote. It is optional.

However, if it's too late and you already have, you can contact the candidate's campaign directly and let them know you do not want to receive any more calls.

Jeff Roberts, the election administrator in Davidson County, said one thing you should absolutely do is familiarize yourself with the ballot.

"Otherwise it could take you a little while to read through all of those amendments," Roberts said.

There are several amendments that are pages long, and the language is pretty complicated. News4 is breaking it down for you.

Amendment 1:

  • If you want a community oversight board, vote "for ratification"
  • If you don't, vote "against"

Amendment 2:

This would change the line of succession for Nashville's mayor. If there isn't a vice mayor, the council would elect a temporary mayor. That temporary mayor wouldn't be able to run for mayor or vice mayor in the following election.

  • Vote for ratification if you want that
  • Against if you don't

Amendment 3:

This has to do with vacant seats. It would change Metro's charter to require a special election for mayor when there are more than 12 months remaining in the term. It would require a special election for vice mayor when there are more than 24 months remaining in the term. It would require a special election for district council when there are more than eight months left in the term, and there would not be a special election for a vacant "councilman at large" seat.

  • If you want this change, vote "for ratification"
  • If you don't, vote "against ratification"

Amendment 4:

This would require the incoming mayor, vice mayor and council members to take an oath to uphold Nashville's charter.

  • Vote "for ratification" if you want that
  • Vote "against ratification" if you do not

Amendment 5:

This would change the term limits for councilmembers. Instead of being only being allowed to serve two terms, they would be allowed to serve three.

  • If you want this, vote "for ratification"
  • If you don't, vote "against ratification"

Amendment 6:

This amendment would replace masculine pronouns in the Metro charter like "he" and "his" to gender-neutral pronouns. For example, instead of "councilmen," it would say "councilmembers."

  • Vote "for ratification" if you want the change
  • Vote "against ratification" if you don't

Early voting information

Early voting starts Wednesday, Oct. 17, and runs through Thursday, Nov. 1.

You can vote early at any of the locations below:

  • Belle Meade City Hall
  • Bellevue Library
  • Bordeaux Library
  • Casa Azafran Community Center
  • Edmondson Pike Library
  • Goodlettsville Community Center
  • Green Hills Library
  • Hermitage Library
  • Madison Station Fifty Forward
  • Howard Office Building
  • Southeast Library

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Carley Gordon joined the News4 team as a reporter in 2009.

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