Lindsay Bramson joined News4 in June 2016 as an investigative reporter.

It's a popular week for shopping and you've probably come across coupons online and News4 has learned many of them aren't good.

If you're not careful, you could end up giving a stranger personal information.

News4 consumer investigator Lindsay Bramson found out how to spot a real one from a fake.

It's that time of the year where experts say potential scammers try to take advantage of shoppers.

Lindsay Bramson asked a shopper, "Are you careful what you click on online? Yes, very. I work in IT so I know how bad it can get if you do something incorrectly, said Daniel Evans Jr.

Evans is always looking for coupons that will save him money. But he won’t get them online.

"It might be fake or even worse. Something that could potentially infect my computer so why take the chance,” said Evans.

So how can you spot a fake coupon from a real one?

There’s a coupon for Kohls popping up on Facebook.

Experts say a real coupon will never offer you $75 of your purchase of $80 or more.

Another red flag? An error in the date saying till instead of until

Another fake Kohls coupon is going around asking that you share it on Facebook.

And you also want to be on the lookout for a fake $200 coupon for Kroger.

The Better Business Bureau says watch out for a Starbucks one which is making the rounds on Instagram.

And stay away from anything asking you to share your personal information.

“And what they're counting on is you sharing it with your friends so they can gather more info and potentially have an identity theft issue,” said Robyn Householder with the Better Business Bureau of Tennessee.

“My friends have shared them thinking it was harmless.  It's not harmless. They need to know it's not harmless,” said Evans.

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