Eminem criticized for realistic gunshot sounds used in Bonnaroo set

The What Stage at Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival. (Photo: Andrew Jorgensen)

Eminem, an icon in the rap industry, is facing criticism from fans after realistic gunshot sounds rang out during his performance at Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival on Saturday night.

Fans immediately took to social media posting videos of the performances as well as their reaction to them.

"I was having a good time at Eminem's set, then he played a realistic gunshot noise," said @sandwahhh via Twitter. "The whole crowd ducked, and I've never felt more traumatized and ready to panic. Completely inappropriate."

Fans have also questioned the festival itself, which prides itself on the slogan "radiate positivity," for not stepping in to prevent the use of the violent sound effects or warn patrons in advance about them.

"Bad call on this headliner, Bonnaroo," Brad King remarked on Twitter. "What happened to Radiate Positivity?"

WARNING: Video contains sounds that might be distressing to some viewers.

#EMINEM #Bonnaroo GUNSHOT pic.twitter.com/WgIeIH3Ipd— EMINEM_TOUR_UPDATES (@Eminemreviv1) June 10, 2018

In most cases, fans say they were terrified only to realized the gunfire was only part of the show.

Fans were even more shocked when the sound effect was used three different times during the set.

@Eminem the gun shot sound effects @bonnaroo ?? my friends in tears on the ground. ???? way to go @Eminem— M (@macykatemusic) June 10, 2018
i was having a good time at eminem’s set then he played a realistic gunshot noise. the whole crowd ducked and i’ve never felt more traumatized and ready to panic. completely inappropriate— red (@sandwahhh) June 10, 2018
it just happened again. 3 times. we left the concert area and it still sounds so real from far away and everyone ducked again. we’re all shaking. NOT OKAY EMINEM.— red (@sandwahhh) June 10, 2018
when eminem let off the gunshot sound effect at his bonnaroo set last night, the whole place went silent because we all thought it was real....im hella disappointed in slim shady now smh— jenna whalin (@jen_MCR15) June 10, 2018

Many longtime Eminem fans came to the rapper's defense, saying the same sound effects have been used in his sets for over a decade, including performances at recent music festivals like Governors Ball in New York City.

HASN'T EMINEM ALWAYS HAD GUNSHOTS SOUND AFFECTS, He literally has nothing to apologise for, people worried about the wrong things.— Susana. (@susanaazevedo19) June 10, 2018
Eminem been using the same gunshots that at the end of 'kill you' for like 6 years now. I don’t understand how “Eminem fans” are shocked have you people even listened to his music before ??— Shuj (@ChocMilkSheikh) June 10, 2018

While that may be true, critics said the use of the realistic sounds should have been reconsidered in light of the recent anxiety and fear over shooting at music festivals and performances around the world.

Many referenced the Route 91 Harvest music festival in Las Vegas where a gunman killed 58 people and injured 851 others less than a year ago.

Being at a festival/concert in these current times brings new concerns & fears. Had to leave @Eminem set after 3rd gunshot at @Bonnaroo cuz panic was setting in my section (front pit). Extremely realistic &scary! Would have been good to have a warning before show. #irresponsible— Cristi Williams (@ShadingLimelite) June 10, 2018
doesn’t matter if eminem has had gun shot effects in the past, the crowd was actually scared and shaken up because of how actually realistic it is— red (@sandwahhh) June 10, 2018

Eminem, also known as Marshall Mathers, headlined the third night of the popular music festival in Manchester, Tenn.

Neither Eminem nor Bonnaroo has responded to fans' concerns about Saturday night's performance.

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