According to the Tennessee Agriculture Department, Emerald Ash Borers are infesting trees all throughout Davidson County. If you don’t catch it soon enough it could be a safety concern and cost you thousands.

Part of Tennessee’s beauty is due to its vast array of trees.

One of Tennessee most common trees, the Ash tree, is in danger. Many of them are in Davidson County neighborhoods and yards and they are dying.

All because of the Emerald Ash Borer.

“It’s an Invasive beetle from Asia," Nathan Hoover of the Tennessee Division of Forestry tells me.

The beetle kills every species of Ash tree we have in Tennessee. Hoover tells me all trees in Davidson County have a 50% chance of being infested because of how fast these insects spread.

But there is a way to prevent your tree from dying and damaging property.

“Imidacloprid. That’s a synthetic variety that comes from tobacco plants. You can purchase that on amazon, a pesticide co-op, any big box store out there," Hoover says.

midacloprid costs about $24 and you only have to apply it to your trees once a year. This helps keep the tree from dying and saves you money. Hoover tells me Tree removal costs you upwards of a thousand dollars.

Now, finding the insect is tricky because you can’t see it. Here’s how you can tell if your tree is infested.

“If you see a D-shape emerging hole it’s extremely important to call the Tennessee Division of Forestry.”

If you carve through the bark, here’s another way you can tell the Ash tree is infested

“This S-shape-this is Emerald Ash Borer.”

If your tree is infested, there’s a 100% mortality rate, so the sooner you can get the tree chemically treated or cut down, the better.

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