Early-morning vigil marks 1 week since Waffle House shooting


One week after a gunman opened fire on a Waffle House in Antioch killing four people and injuring others, community members gathered at the site to remember the victims.

At exactly 3:20 Sunday morning, people held a moment of silence, prayers and sang a song at Waffle House in honor of the victims of last week's shooting.

The event was held so the community could gather in prayer and offer comfort and support to those affected by the shooting.

"What I would tell the families is [to] stay strong," said Earl Jordan of Partners in the Struggle, one of the organizers of Sunday's event. "God's grace and mercy [are] tremendous and we're praying. We're praying for them. We're praying for James Shaw Jr. Thank God for him, for coming out of his own self to save himself and save others."

Supporters say the goal of the event is to continue the healing process and help the community move forward from the terrible tragedy.

At 7 a.m., community members held another moment of silence, "standing tall" five minutes for or each of the eight victims of the Waffle House shooting.The group stood silently for 40 minutes total.

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