Nan Casey, the former drug court employee who admitted to stealing money from treatment clients, pleaded guilty in federal court Wednesday.

Casey is likely to get a reduced sentence after she testifies against former general sessions court judge Casey Moreland in his upcoming trial in June.

Casey appeared before federal judge Aleta Trauger and accepted her guilt on two felony charges.

One charge is that she conspired to embezzle money paid in cash by people undergoing treatment. She also pleaded guilty to destroying evidence, including attendance sheets and receipt books.

In a federal indictment, Casey was charged with stealing money from drug court clients and giving half of the money to Moreland.

Casey wore an FBI wire during a meeting and several phone calls with Moreland. Moreland is heard on the recordings discussing with Casey what she should say to a federal grand jury. She is heard on the recordings asking how to explain the missing receipt books.

Moreland is in custody in a jail in Kentucky waiting for his trial.

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