Caught in the act -- Someone stealing mail from a home's mailbox in Donelson. Neighbors say this is a new low.

Thieves can be after anything from small packages, personal information, to paychecks and even prescription drugs.

In this case, a car rolled right up to the mailbox and snatched whatever was inside.

Deborah Gregory lives in Donelson. She was out of town when the motion sensor on her Ring doorbell went off.

When she went back to look at the footage, she saw a red car pulling up to her mailbox.

“I just was stunned,” said Gregory. “My first thought was, someone looking to steal someone's identity. Maybe they were looking for a check? But, I don't know what they got.”

She called police and filed a report.

Gregroy says she's noticed this same car passing through the neighborhood on her doorbell camera.

Another neighbor's camera captured the same car.

“A Nissan Ultima, or a Nissan Sentra. She believes whoever the thief is, lives nearby.

“I'm sure if he's done it once, he or she's done it many other times. And, they will get caught,” said Gregory.

Gregory wants to plan a neighborhood meeting with Metro Police to inform the public about similar crimes of opportunity in Donelson.

“I'm glad they picked my house to do it, because they picked the wrong person. I'm certainly going to get fliers out to my neighbors,” Gregory said. “It's scary, it's unnerving. But, this needs to be out there for all the neighbors to know and be aware of.”

According to the U.S. Postal Inspector, stealing mail is a federal offense. If charged, they can face up to five years in Federal prison and fines of up to $250,000. If personal information is stolen and used, you can be charged with identify theft. 

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Edward Burch joined News4 at a reporter in December 2016.

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