The son of a former Nashville assistant district attorney has been charged with a serious drug offense and it’s raising questions about his treatment in the courts and his criminal past.

John Brian Zimmermann is the son of John Zimmermann, who now practices in Rutherford County.

The father was well known for decades in Davidson County as a tough crusader against drugs.

However, if you search for the younger Zimmermann’s name in the court clerk’s database, you can’t find it.

It seems the name has been misspelled for 17 years.

John Brian Zimmermann was arrested last month after a tip sent police to his apartment in Hermitage.

The police report said John Brian Zimmermann had a gun, several cell phones, 171 Xanax bars and 153 grams of methamphetamine.

For years, John Zimmermann was famously tough on drugs.

But you might not make the connection on paper. The younger man’s name has been misspelled in the criminal clerk’s database, apparently as far back as the year 2000.

The name is missing two letters and appears as Zimmeran.

The latest drug charge is the most serious yet for the 39-year-old son.

He’s free on what’s called a pre-trial bond that requires no money be posted at all, which is unusual, according to the District Attorney’s Glenn Funk’s office.

When asked why Zimmermann’s name couldn’t be found in a search of the criminal court database, the DA’s officer deferred to the criminal court clerk.

The district attorney’s office prosecuted an earlier misdemeanor against Zimmermann in 2000.

A spokesman for the district attorney said the office doesn’t have any records of a special prosecutor being requested to handle the case.

Funk was elected as district attorney in 2016 and was not in office during the previous prosecution.

Dorinda Carter, a spokeswoman for the district attorney’s office, said that under Funk that anytime a close family member is arrested, a pro tem, or special prosecutor, will be requested.

Channel 4 could not reach John Zimmermann for comment on Friday.

John Brian Zimmermann is due in court on July 24 on the current drug charges.

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