CHARLOTTE, TN (WSMV) - A man charged with killing his 5-year-old son in 2018 has been in court all day Thursday.

Crowd chants 'where is baby Joe' as parents appear in court

Community members shouted at Joseph Daniels as he walked into the courthouse prior to a court appearance in April 2018. (WSMV)


Joseph Daniels was charged with one count of criminal homicide for the death of his son, 5-year-old Joe Clyde. Joe Clyde was the subject of a multiple-day search and his body still has not been found.

Most of the day has been spent watching a video of Joseph Daniels taking a polygraph test, saying he did not kill his son.

The video shows hours of interrogation where the prosecution said Joseph Daniels admits to beating and killing his son, who was called Baby Joe.

The video begins with Daniels denying he did anything that night, but as hours went by, we watched as it looked like he shook his head yes when investigators asked if he hurt his son.

The defense attorney believes he was persuaded into falsely admitting to the killing and wants the interrogation tape excluded from evidence.

Joe Clyde Daniels

Joe Clyde Daniels was reported missing to authorities on April 4, 2018. Days later, his father, Joseph, admitted to beating him to death but says he can’t remember where he hid the body.

Joe Clyde Daniels was reported missing on April 4, 2018. Joseph Daniels was arrested several days later after authorities said he admitted to killing Joe Clyde and disposing his body.

Daniels has been in jail since April 2018 when the interrogation video was recorded.

The defense team wants to show the other angle of the interrogation video to argue why it shouldn't be used in the trial.

Joseph Daniels and Joe Clyde's mom Krystal have both been charged in his death. Krystal Daniels was charged with aggravated child neglect and endangerment in Joe Clyde's disappearance.

The hearing is expected to continue on Friday at 10:30 a.m.


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