2013: Dickson Co. deputies face hostile victims while making creek rescue

Deputy Katy Scott

One rescue story still has local deputies talking. After a woman crashed into a creek and was trapped upside down in her pickup truck, deputies raced to save her.

But they ended up facing much bigger problems as two men who made it out of the wreckage decided to put up a fight in the cold creek.

Dickson County sheriff's deputies said all three of the people had way too much to drink. Nevertheless, when seconds mattered, they had to do their best to save the woman who had no way out.

"Something different every day," said Deputy Katy Scott. "Some days nothing goes on. Some days everything can go on."

And, sometimes it all happens in an unlikely place.

"They're very lucky they didn't hurt themselves or somebody else on the roadway," Scott said.

Along a rural stretch of road near Charlotte, Scott found a pickup truck flipped and submerged.

Deputies had been on the lookout, worried about a report of a fight inside the pickup.

"You don't know if there's weapons in the car or what started the dispute. There's always a possibility of a wreck," said Dickson County Sgt. Daniel Baker.

"I noticed a backpack laying in the middle of the road that was thrown from the vehicle. And that's what made me shine the spotlight on the vehicle in the creek," Scott said.

While the creek itself may not look dangerous, the truck had flipped and crashed at its deepest point. Deputies wound up in the cold water up to their waist, worried not only about the water levels increasing in the cab, but also about the gas fumes.

"When your adrenaline's rushing like it is, it's hard to focus on, you know, one main thing," said Dickson County Deputy Dustin Evans.

What made things worse were those who needed help in the first place. Two of them who made it out put up a fight when deputies tried to rescue the woman still inside the truck.

"They kept trying to get back to the truck," Evans said.

"They became combative. One of them ran off into the woods," Scott said.

A deputy used a stun gun to stop that man, while another rescuer broke a window to reach the trapped woman, who now recovers at home.

"Generally not a dull moment," Baker said.

The deputies who saved her life consider it all part of the job.

"I didn't hesitate. I just jumped right into the water and tried to get her out," Scott said.

Although deputies said all three of the people seemed drunk, they only charged the one who ran: Steve Emery.

The Tennessee Highway Patrol also charged him with DUI and continues to investigate the crash into the creek.

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