If you get a whiff of a skunk around your home, there's a reason. It’s the heart of skunk mating season.

If your house gets bombed, you could be looking at thousands of dollars in damage. The spray that comes from a skunk is an oil, and it doesn't come off easy.

Trappers said as more people move to the Midstate, the calls keep coming in.

“Right now, Davidson and Williamson are just covered up with skunks,” said Jeffrey Meltzer, the owner of Wild Things Wildlife Removal Service. “Most of the development is going on here.

“We've been getting anywhere from two to eight calls a day. When we get a call, we try to get there that day.”

Meltzer said when a home gets "bombed," it's usually from a skunk marking its territory for mating, or it came in contact with another animal.

He said if you come face to face with a skunk, don't panic.

“Don't move. If you freak out, they freak out. The only reason they'll spray is to mark for mating or to defend themselves,” said Meltzer. “If you don't panic, they don't panic. They're going to backup and just stay still.”

If you want to avoid serious damage to your home, the best thing to do when it first gets sprayed is act quickly.

“You just gotta open the windows, open the doors, put on the ceiling fans,” explained Meltzer. “Ventilation is the number one thing.

“If you keep the windows closed, you're going to ruin a lot of things in your house. If you ventilate the house, it will go away. It takes a little bit of time.”

Some other things to do if your home gets skunk bombed.

  • Get rid of the air filters
  • Put out bowls of vinegar in the house, which help draw in some of the oil from the skunk.

In the next few months, the mother skunks will be giving birth, so people will have even more skunks to deal with and "round two" of skunks spraying homes.

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