NASHVILLE, TN (WSMV) - Instead of falling behind during the pandemic, one Nashville high school student is using virtual learning to get ahead in his studies. 

Icsis Church is a sophomore at Hillwood High. She has a love for music but says at times her social anxiety takes over. 

“Having virtual classes for most people was hard. But for me it was easy because I didn’t have to deal with other students disrupting the class or getting anxiety from them,” said Church.  

Virtual learning gave Icsis a chance to tune out the noise and only focus on school. Her hard work paid off and put her on track to graduate at the age of 16.  

“She came and was like mom it's real. I am really on the track to graduate. I was like omg! We have to get your ACT prep going because you are not going anywhere without that,” said Stephani Church, Icsis’s Mother. 

After graduation next year, Icsis plans to head to a university where she can continue to focus on her love for the arts.  


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