It's now the defense's turn to try and prove Zach Adams did not kidnap, rape and murder nursing student Holly Bobo in 2011.

The eighth day of the trial is now underway after the state rested its case on Monday.

The defense is trying to prove another man committed the heinous crimes.

News 4 first told you about convicted rapist Terry Britt. The defense says they have proof implicating him in Bobo's abduction.

Former TBI investigator Terry Dicus took the stand Tuesday morning to back that claim. Dicus said Adams' alibi checked out, while Britt's did not.

Adams told investigators that he was at a gas station the morning Bobo vanished and recalled seeing several law enforcement vehicles speeding by.

Dicus said surveillance pictures show the police SUVs at the time and place Adams described.

He also said Adams' phone pinged far away from Bobo's.

"I determined he could not have been involved in the kidnapping," Dicus said.

Dicus went on to explain why he believes Britt, who is a convicted rapist, was responsible for taking Bobo.

Dicus said Britt matches the description of the suspect. He was accused of stalking several women, including one who looked like Bobo.

Dicus said Bobo's brother even picked Britt's voice out of a lineup.

After looking into Britt's alibi, Dicus said he found that it was "garbage."

"His main alibi was his wife, which ordinarily, that's not a bad alibi, that's what most people have ... but his wife had been with him on more than one occasion where he had picked up a woman and got accused of trying to sexually assault her," Dicus said. "When I interviewed Britt, that was something, he just stared like ... you got me."

News 4 spoke exclusively with Britt's wife by phone back in May. She remained adamant that Britt had nothing to do with Bobo's kidnapping, rape and murder.

It's important to remember that Britt is in prison for another attempted rape. Britt was never charged in connection with Bobo's murder.

When the state cross-examined Dicus, they inferred that early on the TBI ignored evidence pointing to Adams and the other suspects. They pointed out that Dicus was only on the case for the first few years. They also reminded the jury that the night Bobo disappeared, Adams showed up to his grandfather's house acting erratically and looking for guns.

Dicus testified that Clint Bobo, Holly's brother, was considered a suspect at the beginning.

"Clint Bobo was a suspect for about 12 hours in my mind," Dicus testified.

A lot of people have always wondered if Clint Bobo saw someone taking his sister, why didn't he do something?

Clint Bobo was quickly ruled out as a suspect because Holly's cell phone was moving the morning she was taken and Clint's was not.

Zach Adams' grandfather Dick Adams spoke for the first time from the stand.

Dick Adams lived next door to Zach Adams and testified neither of them owned a .32-caliber revolver, the kind that was used to kill Holly Bobo.

Prosecutors tried to show the jury Dick Adams' memory isn't reliable, asking about when his wife had died and getting confusing answers.

"All that time is a blur to me because my wife died," Dick Adams testified. "I don't remember telling them that."

The trial will likely end sooner than anticipated.

The defense is expected to rest sometime on Wednesday because Zach Adams' attorneys only have three more witnesses they plan to call to the witness box.

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