Jim Shulman - special committees

Vice Mayor Jim Shulman

Nashville Vice Mayor Jim Shulman has appointed council members to serve on the special committees he has formed.

The committees will be tasked with tackling specific issues facing Nashville like low voter turnout, city worker pay, after school opportunities for students and ensuring code enforcement is happening.

The list of special committees and the council members named to serve are:

  • Why are Nashvillians not voting, and what steps can be taken to get more citizens engaged? Councilmembers Ginny Welsch (Chair), John Rutherford, Russ Bradford, Jeff Syracuse, Delishia Porterfield
  • What steps can be taken (working with the School Board) to make sure that teachers do not have to pay out of pocket for school supplies for their classrooms? While you are looking at that issues, what about the textbook situation? Are there enough to go around and, if not, why? Councilmembers Tonya Hancock (Chair), Sulfat Suara, Brett Withers, Zach Young, Dave Rosenberg
  • It seems like everywhere you go (especially downtown), there are full and partial street closures. Are they all properly permitted? Before an entity is allowed to close a street, are plans established (and carried out) to deal with traffic back-up? If they are not permitted or allowed to be blocking stretts, why is no one enforcing/stopping them from doing this? Councilmembers Sean Parker (Chair), Angie Henderson, Robert Swope, Kevin Rhoten, Larry Hagar
  • Sidewalks – a perpetual issue for Nashville. Who has the list of current and future sidewalks? How is that list determined? How much does it cost to build a linear foot of sidewalk in Nashville? How does that cost compare with other peed cities? And is there a way to reduce the cost so that we can get more sidewalks? Councilmembers Emily Benedict (Chair), Erin Evans, Antoinette Lee, Mary Carolyn Roberts, Jonathan Hall
  • 37208. It has, according to reports, the highest percentage of incarceration in the county. What do we need to do to correct that? Councilmembers Brandon Taylor (Chair), Sharon Hurt, Freddie O’Connell, Kyonzte Toombs, Tanaka Vercher
  • Teachers, firefighters, police, Metro employees. Where do our employees fit on the pay schedule? How do we compare to our peer cities? Do our employees feel valued? What can and should we do about this? Councilmembers Robert Nash (Chair), Gloria Hausser, Russ Pulley, Tom Cash, Bob Mendes
  • What are the current afterschool opportunities for our young people in Nashville and what should they be? Councilmembers Jennifer Gamble (Chair), Thom Druffel, Burkley Allen, Sandra Sepulvada, Steve Glover
  • Enforcement of our Code. The Council can pass all the ordinances that it wants to be but if the law is not being enforced, the ordinances do not mean much. Working with the Codes Department, determine the extent of our enforcement efforts. What is being enforced, how quickly are we able to respond to a concern, are we properly staffed, what areas need updating? Councilmembers Courtney Johnston (Chair), Joy Styles, Nancy VanReece, Kathleen Murphy, Colby Sledge

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