NASHVILLE, TN (WSMV) - With all the coronavirus news, it can be easy to forget that East Nashville suffered a terrible blow in March by a tornado that left scars that are still visible today.

Some properties in the area are still not repaired. All around you see dumpsters and plywood. Some businesses are rebuilding, but others have hit a snag.

Repairs at music venue The Basement East is moving along. Contractor Mike Osaile has his work cut out for him. The venue had its roof and walls collapse.

“The storm came from this direction, blew the roof off, pushed the walls over,” said Osaile.

Some of East Nashville’s buildings are moving forward toward reopening, but many others are stalled.

The head of Metro Codes said he’s hearing from a lot of owners who are anxious to rebuild, but they still haven’t settled with their insurance companies.

“Metro Council has recognized and is hearing from their constituents that negotiations with their insurance companies are going slower than anybody expected,” said Bill Herbert, Director of Metro Codes.

Metro Council waived the building permit fees for tornado victims, but so many business owners are stuck in the claims process so the Council had to move the deadline.

“I would expect to see the permit fee waiver to be extended after Sept. 30 just because the settlements with insurance companies are taking so much longer than expected, but that will be up to Metro Council to decide.”

While it’s a problem for businesses that can’t reopen, it’s also affecting people who live there.

Council Member Brett Withers said renters are still displaced from the Amplify apartments.


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