NASHVILLE, TN (WSMV) - Metro Police arrested another person on Tuesday for aiding Brandon Caruthers after he had escaped from the Juvenile Detention Center.

Metro Police’s Gang Unit arrested Majok Chol, 21, as he was leaving a Thompson Lane barber shop. Police said he was carrying a gun at the time of his arrest that fires 5.7mm bullets, which are capable of piercing body armor.

Caruthers, 17, was one of four juveniles to escape from the juvenile facility on Nov. 30. He was taken into custody at an Antioch apartment complex on Dec. 12.

Police determined that Chol, who was also wanted by the U.S. Marshal’s Service for violating the terms of his federal pretrial release, arranged for Caruthers to stay at an apartment on Arbor Crest Boulevard in Antioch.

Caruthers was arrested at the apartment on Dec. 12. Brandon Calderon-Sotelo, 20, and his girlfriend Catherine Woods, 19, were also arrested and charged with being accessories after the fact and facilitation of escape. They were with Caruthers in Woods’ apartment when he was arrested on Dec. 12.

Bond was set for Chol at $27,000, but the federal government has placed a hold on him, which prevents him from posting bail.

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