NASHVILLE, TN (WSMV) - The devastation is still evident in North Nashville six months after a tornado tore through the area.

New construction is breathing new life into the neighborhood. Some former owners are rebuilding their homes from the ground up.

“Another house down the street, I just saw them come and they demolished everything, and they’re going to be rebuilding their own house,” said Meredith Dixon. “People are going to be coming back.”

Dixon lives in the neighborhood with her boyfriend. She remembers the night the tornado struck.

“I remember my ears popping and, maybe 30 seconds later, it was over with,” she said.

After the tornado passed, she walked outside to see her car totaled and a tree on her house.

“It happened really fast,” said Dixon.

“Many of them are just getting started in the rebuilding process,” said Pastor Harold Love Jr. of Lee Chapel AME Church.

Love said progress is slow in North Nashville because of COVID-19 hitting right after the tornado.

While some houses will look different, neighbors said the community is staying the same.

“People who are rebuilding, it’s their own house that they’re rebuilding. They’re not building to sell,” said Dixon.

Both Dixon and Love have high hopes for the future of North Nashville.

“We won’t see as many blue tarps on roofs. We will see some new homes built. We will see residents with a renewed resilience to stay in North Nashville,” said Love.

“We’ve been helping each other still. We’ve just really come together in North Nashville,” said Dixon.


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