NASHVILLE, TN (WSMV) - A new mural downtown is honoring the six Metro Police officers who helped evacuate the downtown area moments before a bomb exploded on Christmas morning.

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The mural, designed by the people behind the I Believe in Nashville mural, was finished early Monday morning. They said they wanted to do something to honor the heroism of the six officers who saved many lives.

“Our designer came up with this mural and we knew we had to paint it somewhere,” said Tim Gerst, CMO, I Believe in Nashville. “We wanted to get as close as we could to the bomb site while being safe.”

The faces of those six officers are now on the street where they worked to evacuate people before the explosion.

“They took three different pieces of plywood and they painted it at a studio in town and then brought it here, and then sawed it on the existing plywood that was here,” said Gerst.

The mural is at the Hard Rock Café, sitting in a boarded up window that was destroyed by the explosion.

“Once the window is fixed, we’re actually going to hang it up inside and frame it forever so that the heroes can be remembered,” said Gerst.

Gerst said their brand is about the community.

“For us, the community is also the officers that risked their lives and we wanted to have something that would honor them in a way for them to know we appreciate their sacrifices,” said Gerst.

This week purchases from the company will go to the Second Avenue community.

“One hundred percent will be donated to Marcus Lemonis 30-day Nashville fund which helps provide grants for small businesses and Music City Inc., which actually puts gift cards in the hands of impacted individuals,” said Gerst.

He said I Believe in Nashville said it is hoping to get all six officers out soon for another surprise for them.


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