NASHVILLE, TN (WSMV) - Apple has released its latest software update making it faster to unlock an iPhone while wearing a mask.

The update also includes coronavirus contact tracing and, for some people, the new updates bring new privacy concerns.

News4 found out how to protect yourself and your privacy.

Everywhere you go, someone is bound to be wearing a mask. Now the new iOS update for Apple iPhones will cater to that, making it easier to recognize the upper part of your face.

"So you'll be able to cover it with a mask and it will identify you," said retired FBI agent Scott Augenbaum, who now focuses on helping people not become victims of crimes.

For some, the new update brings new levels of concern. If half your face is covered, is there any chance someone else could use the feature to get into your phone?

Augenbaum said it should be secure enough that it doesn't happen, but if you're nervous about it, don't use it.

"You don't have to set that up. You can still use what I do and have an 8-digit code," said Augenbaum.

News4 Consumer Reporter Lindsay Bramson downloaded the new update. When she tried to unlock her phone wearing a mask, it didn't work. There may be a few kinks to work out.

Another feature with the new software is contact tracing where your phone will automatically notify you if it thinks you've been exposed to coronavirus based on your location.

It does this by using an app you have to download. The good news is just because your privacy settings are on for this app, it doesn't mean you have to have it on for others.

"There's a privacy setting. Do we really need to have our Facebook settings open where everyone knows where we are when we take a picture," said Augenbaum.

Augenbaum said if you're someone who worries about sharing your location, these new features may not be for you.


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