NASHVILLE, TN (WSMV) - A Nashville ICU nurse is now in the ICU fighting for his life after contracting COVID-19.

Gary Woodward has been at Saint Thomas West for almost 26 years, now leading the night shift nursing ICU team.

Gary, his wife Jacque and their three daughters all work in healthcare.

“Gary and I had a conversation when the pandemic first hit. We knew we were both in an environment that probably that risk was a little higher,” said Jacque Woodward.

Now Gary Woodward is fighting for his life after contracting the virus. He’s on a ventilator.

“His kidneys have started to shut down a bit ago, so he’s been on dialysis,” said Jacque Woodward. “He has experienced rapid heart rate which has resulted in them having to shock him several times. He’s experienced body temperature down to 93.

“This virus has taken a healthy man with no prior medical conditions and impacted every organ in his body.”

Jacque recently got to see her husband in person for the first time in weeks.

Though sedated, Jacque and their family want to let him know they’re here for him.

“I feel that in my heart he’s able to hear me when I speak to him,” said Jacque Woodward.

Gary’s nursing team is there for him too. A photo shows a group of them praying inside the ICU wing.

“The tears just flowed. It was not only Gary they were praying for, they’re praying for everybody on that unit,” said Jacque.

The Woodward family wants those prayers to keep coming.

“We know that God is going to get us through this,” she said.


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