NASHVILLE, TN (WSMV) - Metro officials provided an update on Friday on the report card being used to reopen Nashville for business.

Nashville Mayor John Cooper unveiled a four-step plan to reopen the city on Thursday if certain milestones are met, but we are not sure when Phase 1 of the 4-phase plan will start.

The city's businesses will start Phase 1 of reopening only if certain things happen, such as the number of new positive cases has to be stable or going down, there has to be enough hosptial beds and testing capacity and they have to be able to trace and isolate the contacts of people who test positive.

Dr. Alex Jahangir, chairman of the Metro Coronavirus Task Force, had encourgaing news during Friday's daily press conference.

"Today's report card shows us that our measures are satisfactory, but we must remain vigilant and stay the course," said Jahangir. "To get a good report card, we must focus on staying at home and only go out if it's absolutely necessary. Now we've been doing this in Nashville and its showing in our numbers. Based on this morning's report card, we could possibly begin Phase 1 of the reopening in early May. However, we are not at the point to give a specific date."

Jahangir knows it's frustrating to many to not have a date, but "the data will drive the decision and not the date."

Businesses meanwhile are getting ready to reopen. Later Friday representatives of some of the biggest entertainment venues like LiveNation, TPAC and Nashville Symphony are going to start safely planning when it can resume activities.

However, large concerts and sporting events are still a ways away. Those are not allowed until Phase 4 for the plan. The question here is how do they keep fans. Do they maintain social distancing? Will they be required to wear masks? 

Under Nashville's plan, we spend two weeks in each phase before moving to the next one. That could mean June for concerts and sporting events. 

A series of metrics also have to be met. For example, the number of new positive cases has to be stable or going down. 

Nashville is expected to being Phase 1 in early May. However, they did not give a certain date as to when Phase 1 will begin.

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