Metro Nashville Schools

NASHVILLE, TN (WSMV) - Metro Schools has paused all indoor extracurricular activities after a recommendation from the White House Coronavirus Task Force.

The White House Coronavirus Task Force recommended pausing extracurricular school activities.

Mayor John Cooper announced during Thursday’s weekly Metro Coronavirus Task Force that indoor extracurricular activities would be paused.

“Pursuant to Mayor John Cooper’s announcement, the high level of spread of COVID-19 makes it more dangerous to operate extracurricular activities indoors due to the likelihood of transmission,” Metro Schools said in a statement. “There are no competitive events taking place at this time, and coaches and directors will be asked to restrict practices, training, and conditioning to activities that can take place remotely or outdoors until further notice.”

Metro Schools delayed the start of fall contact sports until late September because of the spread of COVID-19 during the summer. When schools were allowed to resume athletics, no fans were allowed to attend home games.

Metro Public Health posted a statement with the recommendation to pause indoor extracurricular activities on Friday.

“Consistent with the White House Coronavirus Task Force’s November 15th recommendation to ‘consider pausing extracurricular school activities,’” the Metro Public Health Department and Mayor Cooper are strongly urging all Davidson County schools to suspend indoor extracurricular activities through the end of the calendar year. Reducing gatherings helps stop the spread of COVID-19 during this increase in cases and hospitalizations. We each have a part to play in saving lives and preserving our remaining hospital capacity,” Metro Public Health said in a statement.

The TSSAA, which oversees high school athletics, said the decision to pause sports is a local decision.

"Our regulations are there to give schools the safest way possible to participate in athletics during this pandemic if they made the decision to do so," TSSAA Executive Director Bernard Childress said. "We support whatever decision the administration in each school makes dependent upon their situation."


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