NASHVILLE, TN (WSMV) - Gyms were among businesses in Nashville to reopen on Monday according to the Phase Two plan at half capacity.

Members were eager to enter while staff works to keep up with safety guidelines to keep COVID-19 from spreading.

"We’re excited to see that our members are excited to come back. We’ve been focusing on opening safely and responsibly," said Carolyn Grasse, General Manager at QNTM Fit Life in Nashville.

Grasse said members at QNTM are following a lot of new safety policies, including only half of cardio machines in operation. Staff is encouraging mask use and social distancing around weights, even for members who come as a pair. Staff is also watching members and following behind to clean equipment.

"Making sure that people are aware of where our spray bottles are, the wipe stations, reminding them of social distancing and also cleaning their equipment before and after use," said Grasse.

Grasse said the gym will be adding plexiglass dividers at many stations and instatalling a special air purifier in the coming days. She said they are monitoring stations and will change the set up to areas they thought there was enough room for social distancing but isn't.

She said she's just happy to see people moving again after being stuck inside for so long.

"We’ve been stuck inside our immune systems have been suppressed this overall of getting active and continuing to promote your health is also done in such away that your making this a long term plan by keeping yourself safe," said Grasse.

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